Pay Per Call Networks is it a good industry?

When it comes to marketing—is digital all that’s left? As we embrace online channels, the appeal of traditional methods begins to fade. The answer seems pretty straightforward – digital is the answer. More efficient, cost effective, and offers greater reach. Yet as companies and advertisers leave old methods in the past, they are missing out on potential customers. Isn’t there a middle ground, where businesses can utilize both old and new school tactics? We think there is; a strategy where the web and traditional come together.

Calls are still one the more effective ways to convert a potential customer to a final sale. Recent studies have shown that leads in the form of inbound calls that were generated by pay per call marketing had closing rates five to ten times higher than any other form of marketing. Pay Per Call Networks and Click to Call are the bridges that connect these potential customers with businesses in an effective manner via an inbound call. Pay-per-Call and Click to Call traffic generated by high quality SEO programs and affiliate networks generate an influx of quality leads for advertisers. These are leads which convert more often, offer campaign analytics, and yield reliable results over the campaign period. Ultimately pay per call campaigns form a reliable pay per call marketplace  is an amazing strategy to coordinate alongside your video strategy.

Customers are always glued to their smartphone screens – using their phones to conduct research on local businesses. In fact, recent studies show that 89% of people admitted to searching for a local business on their smartphones at least once a week, with 58% searching daily.

Pay-per-Call blog here and Click to Call deliver real calls to advertisers, with results and analytics tracked in real time.

The customers are out there, ready to call. What are you waiting for? Join best pay per call networks today!